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Earn Program Subscription

Earn Program Subscription

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Call our CSR Team at 833-246-6647 for more info on this program for managing your grain!

E.A.R.N. Program

Educate, Assess, Recommend, Navigate

Grain Advisory Service

  • Manage grain for farmers and give recommendation based on safe storage, season and goals of the farmer
  • Reminders of coring and safe storage recommendations
  • Handling all alerts and communication with farmers on alerts to allow readiness for harvest and awareness of grain through all seasons
  • Watching for CO2 increases
  • Troubleshooting grain management equipment if needed
  • Review of grain management equipment functionality
  • Tracking repairs if needed
  • Scheduling non warranty part repairs if available or assisting the farmer to place order if needed
  • Tracking warranty on parts
  • Scheduling service calls if repairs needed
  • Scheduling electric service if needed
  • Managing and advising on power limitations
  • Liaison with system supplier and farmer
  • Online assistance, navigation of software and password resets
  • Grain Guarantee
    • If you have damaged grain in a normal operating bin, and the issue is found to be our fault, we will pay you the difference.
    • If our service has not been beneficial, we will provide you a refund.
  • If you purchase an OPI system, 1st year free
  • $1,000/yr for all AGI Platform Customers (no matter the amount of bushels you handle)
  • Data customers pay equal rate to their AGI subscription amount


  • Professionally Advised Grain
  • Safely Store Grain
  • Recommendations for Your Grain
  • Tracking & Scheduling of Repairs
  • Reduce Drying Cost and Shrinkage
  • Reduce Risk of Damage Grain
  • Improve Grain Quality
  • Increase Grain Profits


  • Anxiety about what is going on in your grain bin
  • High Energy Costs
  • Manually turning on and off fans
  • Improper air flow
  • Overdried and Under Dried grain
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